This album is pretty much a chronological thought of my last 11 years. It starts with a break up but happiness is not far away. Things become very real but optimism fights to the end and must always be victorious. Like me, the songs are equal parts conservative and progressive. Friendly but sometimes weird. Themes of love, happiness, sadness, anger and Nintendo are common to many of us so hopefully you can relate.

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It was a big decision to make this available for free. If you genuinely like this album, please share it directly with anyone else you think might enjoy it - kind of like the old days when you loaned someone a record and were excited to know what they thought of it.

All voices, instruments, recording and mixing done by me - more of a financial decision than one of vanity. Love and Loose Ends was recorded and mixed in lounge rooms, kitchens, bed rooms, fire bunkers, rehearsal studios, classrooms and storerooms. For biographical stuff (if you don’t know me personally) just keep scrolling down this page.

I am a seriously humble musician from Melbourne but also a respected composer, author and educator. You can buy my drum books which contain compositions playable for VCE and ANZCA exams. My band Robot Child has a great album out called 'One more war' which has been performed around the country in both 'pub rock' format and 'rock opera' format. I also show 500 kids every week that the Performing Arts are an enriching and exciting way to improve your life.